Getka on Marathon Kalandzha 2020

Introducing the newest Bulgarian brand in the field of Getka sport – ultra lightweight, authentic, bold and super useful running and transition gaiters manufactured by Rousentsi!

Not only will it not slow you down the track, it will also increase your speed, confidence and the pleasure of running.

The straps are designed to protect your shoes and socks from raids on brazen pebbles, twigs, and thorns so that you do not stop removing them while running. And not only…

They have a cause! Each Getka pair purchased is set at $ 5 to support children and young people with disabilities so they can be back in the wild and enjoy the traffic.

On the day of the event, you will find these merry-go-rounds at the Getka booth in the start-finish area.

And if you’re among the 12km, 21km and 42km runners-up, you’ll have a chance to win a pair of Getka unique designs.

More about Getka

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